Member Benefits

Alumni Association Members: by going to member benefits page, you will find a complete list of all the benefits for belonging to the alumni association. Some of those benefits include: football tickets; discounts to several hotels throughout the USA; car rental discounts; travel discounts; Brook Bros. Clothing stores 15% discount by using OSUAA ID number 06101 and presenting your membership card when purchasing and Joseph A. Bank 20% discount by using the OSUAA corporate number 20979 and presenting your OSUAA card when making a purchase.

Yes, a 20% discount IS HONORED at Jos. A. Bank in Pinehurst!

Football Tickets: the Ohio State Alumni Association provides an opportunity to apply for club tickets each season. Thanks to the association, our members can go to Columbus as a group and enjoy watching the Buckeyes play on the field. (Go Bucks!)

Military Discount: our club offers any military member with the rank of E5 and below with a special membership discount. A single membership for an E5, or below, is $10 and $15 for a couple.

Jos. A. Bank: (Alumni Association Members Only) By shopping at Jos. A. Bank, located at 244 Olmstead Blvd, Suite A, in Pinehurst, any OSU Alumni, upon presenting your current alumni card and using the OSU ID number, 20979, you will be given a 20% discount. This policy is good for any Jos. A. Bank location.

College Traditions: Our club receives a 15% discount on all purchases made by walk ins or orders by phone or email, made by Sandhills Club members, using the ID discount code AL9579. This discount comes back to the club at the end of the year for the club to use as the club would like. Go to  

Queensboro: Our club places orders through this company for our club’s logo on shirts, totes, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. items. Go to A minimum of 4 items must be ordered. Contact the club’s secretary to get our club’s ID number and our branded OSU logo. The prices are great and specials are always being offered.

Social Outings: Our club can’t leave out game watches, special parties and club events as a benefit! The mere fact that Buckeyes get together for fellowship and networking is a worthy experience.  

Community Projects: Our club may be out of the state of Ohio, but our hearts are still in Columbus. Paying forward in the name of our club and the university is one way Ohio State can be recognized in our state of North Carolina. Joining together, wearing our scarlet and gray, while doing community fund raising walks, collecting food for local food banks, are all part of displaying our love for our university while helping our own community.

Scholarship: Conducting raffles, auctions, and doing special events allows our club to raise monies to help send a North Carolina student to Ohio State. This benefits not only our club by being a positive force in the life of young students, but by extending a helping hand to deserving young scholars.

Want to shop for Buckeye items?

Buckeye Corner 10% discount is given to all alumni association members

College Traditions 15% discount is reimbursed to the club treasury at year’s end.

Conrad’s – a 10% discount by giving our club’s name at checkout with the club’s code.

Across the Field – a 10% discount by giving our club’s name at checkout with the club’s code.